Month: December 2020

Get Moving On Getting HealthyGet Moving On Getting Healthy

The first thing you need to do to get started on your post-holiday exercise program is organize a support group. Let your friends and family know your intentions and solicit their support. Next, find a gym, an exercise DVD or scheduled group classes you can attend; or ask a neighbor or friend to join you on schedule walks around the neighborhood or mall. In short–join forces with others. For more tips on joining forces and starting a support network, read magazines like Men?s Health, O the Oprah magazine and Self magazine.

Next, get your body moving. You can do this by doing traditional exercises or starting smaller with house cleaning activities like mopping and vacuuming. Keep your exercising interesting. Crank up some tunes and have an indoor dance party with your kids. Find a local indoor pool and go swimming. Time flies when you?re having fun so make exercising fun. Read magazines like Real Simple, Woman?s Day and Parenting for ways to incorporate your kids into your exercise program and how to keep things fun.

While recent studies show most people only gain a few extra pounds during the holidays and not an absurd amount of weight, the effect of a small amount of weight can be just as serious. Do not fall into the thinking that a few pounds are nothing to worry about.

One great strategy that will help you lose weight and improve your health is to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Not only are fruits and vegetables low in calories but they also supply your body with much needed vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Food magazines like Cooking Light, Cook?s Illustrated and Every Day with Rachael Ray offer many healthy recipes.

Just 20 to 30 minutes of exercise performed 3 to 4 days per week is sufficient to achieve noticeable improvements in your health. Magazines like Self, Women?s Health, Fitness and Shape offer readers helpful guidelines on choosing exercises.

Deciding today to take a proactive approach to your health and your weight is the most important first step you can make to a healthier and thus happier you.